Alaska fishing trip

img_3236We left for Anchorage Alaska on October 7 from Missoula, Montana. We stayed with my uncle Scott for 5 days. Floating the Kenai river two of the days. We missed most of the big runs but still had a lot of fun. Fishing mostly with flesh flies and salmon beads. Most of the fish that we caught were rainbow trout and dolly vardon. We did get luck and caught a couple salmon. They were really run down and red but they were still fun. As you can see from the pictures we had great weather for the month of October in Alaska. The float we took went from the confluence of the upper Kenai and the Russian river to Jim’s landing. It is not a long float but we really took our time and shore fished a lot. We had a blast and are really hoping to get back up there next fall. Hopefully a little bit earlier in September.

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