Eastern Montana Antelope Hunt

Antelope hunt 2008

Hi my name is Robb Latrielle and the following is a blog about our antelope hunting trip last fall.  Last year about this time Myself Robby Farnes and Casey Scott decided to put in for a party tag to hunt antelope near my uncle’s ranch in Lewistown.  A couple months later we got the news we were waiting for, we got the tags.  After talking to my uncle we quickly decide that opening weekend would be our best bet to bag three bucks.  Fast forward to the second week in Oct, we were a week from heading east to our hunting spot near Lewistown and my brother Sam Kuehn who hasn’t really hunted since his early teens started to show interest in going.  The only problem was he had just bought a Bushmaster AR .223 and was itching to shoot something. Never the less we decided to let him tag along, after all as you will see from the pictures he is good for more than a few laughs.  Because he didn’t draw a tag he would buy an over the counter doe tag.  Two days before the opening of the season we headed east only making it about 50 miles before we thought we better stop and have a Trixy burger and a couple of beers (thanks for driving Robby).  We somehow managed to turn a 3 and a half hour drive into 5 and a half but we finally got to my sister’s house about midnight.  The next morning with our heads still a little foggy from the 300 mile bar hopping session we pulled it together and headed out to scout the area we drew the tags for.  Thanks to my uncle Marty who gave us a book that showed us who owned what land in our hunting district we found our way around pretty easy.  We had no problem finding antelope, they were everywhere like we anticipate seeing how they haven’t been shot at in a year.  We watched the biggest antelope any of us had ever seen for about 20 min at about 75 yards.  One day too early.  Feeling confident we knew where to find the antelope the next morning we headed back to Lewistown for the night.  That night an early season storm blew in and we woke up to about 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground, hoping this would change the pattern of the antelope we stuck to our game plan…. Drive until we find them and then ask for permission to hunt them.

Back in Ovando at Trixie’s we drew straws to see who would get the first shot and I won so I would have the first buck then Robby then Casey and Sam could shoot at any doe after we shot first at the buck.  It didn’t take long for us to run into the first group of Antelope and they were on the wrong side of the fence so we continued on, and ran into another group right off the road.  We quickly drove to the ranchers house and asked permission, luckily he knew my grandfather and granted us permission.  I pulled up on a fence post as the antelope started to run, the buck stopped at about 300 yards and I put the hurt on him one shot.  Before I could turn to Sam and say I got him he was already unloading his AR at one of the does, no luck for him round one.  Now it is Robby’s turn, we spotted a loan buck in a field near Roy, MT again we got permission and put a stock on him.  Settling up next to a grain bin Robby took aim at the laying down buck, I ranged him at 230 yards boom Robby shoots and misses (doesn’t happen very often) so I got a better angle on the buck and ranged him again… oh 320 yards I said my bad.  Robby’s second shot found the buck’s neck and dropped him in his bed.  Casey you’re up! We couldn’t believe our luck to this point 3hrs in and 2 bucks down and it got better.  Driving the back farm roads we found a group of 3 does and one buck, Casey jumped out and shot once twice and missed both times at about 150 yards!!! WHAT! Then the buck started running boom he shoots again, buck still running away now at about 300 yards….. BOOM off hand he shoots for the last time before the buck goes over the hill.  I yelled nice shooting Ass eyes (inside joke) looks like old meat in the pot (his gun) needs to hang it up and he said I think I got him.  We laughed and said well you go check we are going to get Sam a shot at these does over the ridge, we did and Sam missed about 10 times in 3 seconds.  We drive back and Casey is up on the top of the hill with his hands up in the air, in my face right.  You have got to be shitting me, perfect shot 300 yards off hand running.  It did take him 4 to get the job done but never the less it was a hell of a shot.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get Sam a doe on this trip but he will make the trip again this fall with his new 270 short mag looking for revenge.  It was a great trip and to many good times to fit into this blog.  Enjoy the pictures.

Robb Latrielle







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