Nebraska State Record Whitetail

This buck was claimed to be killed in the Wildcat Hills area.  It scored 332 with 41 points, a 43 inch spread with 35 inch main beams and 7.5 bases.  New Nebraska state record!  Sorry picture quality is a little rough.


Nebraska deer

5 Responses

  1. Pat Says:

    This is unreal. I cut deer up and have seen many monsters before, but that is just amazing.


  2. Ryguy Says:

    Holy Crap! State record? That is 1 & 7/8 points from B&C World Record!


  3. Bob Bobberson Says:

    This was a pen raised animal from am illinoise whitetail farm.


  4. Mike Swanson Says:

    sorry to inform you but that picture of that deer has been going aroung for a while like last yr i got that same text. its a haux


  5. robert wasmus Says:

    SCRUB! ! !


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