Good Luck Gary

My buddy Gary Stark called me Sunday night to see if I wanted to go for a Tuesday all day hunt.  This was the first week of big game rifle season and I happened to have the day off.  We decided to meet at the gas station that morning and Gary jumped in my truck to go chase whitetail and elk.  We arrived at our hunting spot about fifteen minutes before shooting light.  After getting all of our stuff ready Gary and I talked about the game plan.  You need to understand that Gary is a good luck charm.  Everytime he goes with somebody they end up filling their tag.  Gary on the other hand only seems to give luck and not get it.  He is a good sport and a great pack mule.  I told Gary that he could shoot the first buck we saw that day (or should I say shoot at the first buck we saw).  So Gary and I walk down an old logging road at first light with snow lightly falling down.  We were about thirty minutes into the hunt when I happend to look up and see a nice whitetail buck cresting the ridge.  It looked like a picture you would see on the front page of a hunting magazine.  I raised my gun up and told Gary about the buck.  He was unable to locate the buck and whispered that he couldn’t see it.  As Gary spit the words can’t see it out of his mouth I squeezed the trigger.  The buck was about 250 yards up the ridge and I could see him stumble away after I shot.  After a few choice words from Gary that were directed towards me we started laughing.  Is this really happening to Gary again?  All I could think is thank god I brought my good luck charm with me.  We walked up to where I had shot the buck and found good blood.  Gary and I tracked him through a light skiff of snow and there he layed about twenty feet from where I shot him.  After giving each other high fives and Gary relaying a few more choice words to me we took some pictures and cleaned the buck out.  We drug him down to the logging road below us and I told gary that I would head back to the truck and get the game cart.  We made a plan for Gary to continue hunting since I could drag the buck out myself with the cart.  I had the deer back to the truck about an hour and a half later where I met Gary who of course didn’t have any luck.  This was a very memorable hunt and now I have the rest of the season to remove the black cloud from over Gary’s head and try to get him a buck.
Casey Scott


Whitetail 1



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  1. Gary Stark Says:

    That is a great tale and I have to give props to Casey, AKA: Swing and a miss, for a hell of a shot at 250, off hand and uphill, but it is only one side of the story…. It’s true that I seem to bring good luck to most of the people that go hunting with me and it would appear their chances of shooting something is exponential, while I get skunked, but I promise it’s not out of lack of effort.
    As I recall that morning…… Casey’s account is correct up to the point of about fifteen minutes into walking the road or should I say running. I felt like I was in a speed walking competition. When all of a sudden I hear, Buck… Down… No more than a blink of an eye, the barrel of a gun came swinging over my head. Naturally I dropped to a knee and tried to scope the direction that Casey was aimed. I think I had enough time to say I ca….. Boom….. Boom….. My ears rang as they do when someone fires a gun next to your head without warning…. So much for the first shot… And the rest is history.
    Good Job Casey.


  2. Donna Arizmendi Says:

    My whole family hunts ans eats every bit of the meat. It’s the wolf hunting I don’t like, the canned,aerial and Poisoning..


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