2009 Whitetail

This is the buck I got last hunting season.  There was a fresh inch or two of snow on the ground and I ran into him chasing a couple of does about a mile away from my truck.


SnowShoe 036SnowShoe 038

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  1. HRDBULL Says:

    Nice buck i think i know a guy who shot a nice bull in the same spot you shot that buck. The tree behind you looks familiar.


  2. green eyed beauty Says:

    Please tell me you have that buck hanging on your wall at home!?!?


  3. spikehunter87 Says:

    Wow that is a nice buck, in the snow, must had been cold. I went hunting at http://www.peartreegameranch.com this year. There was snow everywhere, it was cold. I got me a buck too, awesome time, cold as heck though.


  4. onlyinamerica Says:

    I just don’t understand hunting. What is the point? Unless you use the meat and fur instead of killing for sport there is no point. It seems rather compensation for lack of size if you catch my drift


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