5 Criminal Cases for which You Should Hire a Lawyer to Represent You in Court

If you are charged with a crime, your life’s on the line. A conviction of the crime could result in time behind bars, whether you’re sent to jail or to prison, fines, probation or parole, court-mandated classes, and many other life-altering consequences. It is detrimental to hire a lawyer vancouver wa if you are charged with a crime. The attorney is a legal expert who can properly defend you in court, minimizing the risk of a conviction or lessening the consequences if you are convicted. Although it is a good idea to hire a criminal attorney any time you are facing such turmoil, the five phases below are common crimes committed in the area that all need a lawyer for best results.

1.    Assault: Assault is a charge given if it is believed that you did or attempted to cause bodily harm to another person. The charge stiffens to aggravated assault if a weapon is used.

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2.    Burglary: Breaking into a business or a home is a charge classified as burglary. It is a felony and can land you in prison for many years. You need good legal representation if facing this charge.

3.    Theft: Whether something has been stolen from a friend or family member’s home or from the market down the street, a police office may charge you with the crime of theft if there is probable cause to believe that you committed this crime. Theft can be a misdemeanor or a felony charge, depending on the value of the stolen items.

4.    DUI: DUI charges can turn life upside down if you are convicted. It is not only alcohol that can lead to this charge, either. Do not try to represent yourself in court if you are charged with DUI.

5.    White Collar Crime: White collar crime is becoming increasingly common in today’s digital world. A variety of crimes fall into this category, including identity theft and online child pornography. If you are facing such a charge, you need a legal expert by your side.