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2009 Whitetail
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This is the buck I got last hunting season.  There was a fresh inch or two of snow on the ground and I ran into him chasing a couple of does about a mile away from my truck.


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Oct 27
Missouri Breaks Ram
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This Ram was shot at about 70 Yards with a 25-06,  He is 11 1/2 years old and green scored 194 7/8″ .   He was killed by Mark Dickhaut in unit 680,  Missouri River Breaks, MT.

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Aug 25


Here is a video that i got in an email of a rutting bull elk that can’t seem to find anyone who wants fight him.

Jun 10

The day was Sunday October 30, a day that was fairly early in the Montana rifle hunting season.  My dad brother and I headed out to our hunting spot that we have hunted at for about 15 years now, well for me 15 years my dad who knows how long.  The day started out how most days do get to the bottom of the mountain we call it the canyon, unload the four wheelers, get ready and head up the canyon road for about a 15 minute ride.  We have a routine that we typically do once we get to the top of the mountain, my dad heads up one road and my brother and I head to the other side of the ridge and head down a different road.  We had hunted the area hard that morning with no luck, we saw a few deer no shooter bucks and no elk to be found. We decided to head to the truck about noon, and I had decided that I was going to walk this gated road out then down the backside of the mountain down to the truck instead of riding down the canyon.    I am about 20 min in to the hike when I reach the end of the road and I need to start heading down the backside of the mountain. I start heading down taking the route that I take every time (Lots of good glassing points and good feeding areas ect.) and I start hearing something below me about 100 yards or so. I must have walked about another 50 yards when I looked down and saw this rag horn bull feeding broadside about 75 yards below me. About that time he noticed me coming as well took a couple of steps forward leaving me with only a shot at the front shoulder area forward.  So I then took the shot smoking him right in the front shoulder, he jumped then took off in the direction that the truck was parked.  I waited a couple of min then I started to track him.  Unfortunately there was no snow and not a good blood trail, so it made it a little bit difficult. I tracked him for about a half an hour before I jumped him out of his bed, he started to take of directly away from me when I put the final touches on him with one in the back of the neck.  After field dressing him I was walking back to the truck when I found a pair of sheds that were later scored in the 360 range, which made it a great way to cap off a great day.  We were able to get the four wheelers to it and get it out whole.  Enjoy the pictures.   See  you in September!

Tanner Kahler

Tanner and Taran

Tanner Elk

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