Jun 18
Huge Wolf
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This wolf was found just out of Edson , Alberta ..  Edson is just east of where
many of our Yellowstone wolves came  ( not sure what ‘found’ means.)



Hi…  I live in Buck lake Alberta Canada…. 20 min from Drayton Valley where the big wolf was shot… I found more photos of it and its said to weighed 197 pounds… The hunters were said to been baiting bear and the wolf chased off a large bear… we had a malamute husky that was this big.. as big as this wolf… the tracks are from a wolf that been eating our cows 2 or 3 a week… I’m sure if we fed our husky a large calf every couple days he would of been larger than the wolf…

remember the camera angle can make things look bigger… like a hunter sitting behind a elk… makes the elk look bigger… believe it or not my brother who weighed 190 pounds grabbed my cousin who weighed 250 pounds and bench pressed him off the ceiling, he worked the service rigs… any man can easily lift a 200 pound wolf like these men are… 

I’ve seen the wolfs twice that have been taking down the cows and they look large to me… wolf hunter are welcome… happy hunting

big wolf 1

big wolf tracks